Computer repairs and upgrades in cairns 35 pease street manoora

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So many options for computer shops in cairns but which is right for you? why choose


  • Price
  • Customer service
  • Location
  • Operating hours

written by leon jordaan at 35 pease street manoora cairns from

where to fix your computer








With 18 years experience in IT working in various African countries with banks, new Zealand we can do almost anything for you.

Our prices rate very good compared to the fact they are much lower than the competitions.

Customer service is our pride, we welcome walk ins off the street, you can phone almost anytime for advice and help if it is really needed at 11-pm then i will understand.

phone support is free.we will always offer you a coffee and then you can sit down with leon and discuss your problems and get it fixed and get trained on the right

procedure to follow.

we do training and complete handovers of computers, so that when you walk away you know everything about your computer and feel confident.

we are located in cairns city, 35 Pease street with parking in the front and on miles street.

we operate from 8-5-pm officially but will always be flexible to open earlier or close later as we understand everyone’s life is crazy.

clients do phone me on weekends even on Sundays, and i don’t mind as it is urgent for a business or uni student assignment.It always feels good helping someone in need.

it is hard selling yourself, however come and try us or read my google business reviews.