cyclone owen and your computer’s data

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Winds, water, cyclone Owen, roofs getting ripped of and flooding and computers don’t mix.

written by leon jordaan from and, 35 pease street, cairns

Usually before a cyclone arrives the government tells us about how to be prepared for these tropical cyclones.

and this year again the same with cyclone Owen in tropical Queensland.

Every year when this season starts I warn my clients of a thing everyone else forgets, namely backing up your data for your home and business.

or phone on 07 40531224 or 0409274992 and they can do it for you


points to consider:

You should have 2 copies of your data, to be 100% insured, then leave 1 copy at the house or office and leave another copy somewhere else, like a friend’s place or even here with me at my business site.i have a few clients who do this when cyclones are coming or even when they go on holiday.

When a cyclone comes it’s too late as backups take too long, and to move your servers and or computers is not easy, especially if its a desktop!

typically there are usually a few computers too, with most of us having at least 2 computers and then add the children or uni students.

Unplug your computers during the cyclone from the wall socket and lift them from the floor, maybe even like me store the in a washing machine, or you could store a backup drive in a safe?

Will you be taking a computer away with you during the cyclone?  If so remember the charger.

If you have any tips for us or stories? please comment for others to read too.

Good luck everyone with the cyclone owen see you on the other side.

See you when its done and hopefully not for data recovery at cairns computers 35 Pease st Manoora.