Google has issued a warning to its users after the latest hack

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by leon jordaan

Google has urged its users to urgently update one of its most used apps after the tech giant was hacked again this week.


Google is warning users to urgently update Chrome for the second time this week as the search engine giant confirms “multiple high-level hacks of browser”.

Once again, the tech giant advised its 2.6 billion users to update Chrome after publishing a new blog post revealing four “high” rated vulnerabilities.

Google’s threat analysis group (TAG) said hackers “created malformed code signatures” that would be considered as ”valid by Windows” but could not be detected by OpenSSL code used in security scanners.

TAG discovered that the OpenSUpdater line of software uses this new technique.

Described as riskware, OpenSUpdater shows ads on victims’ browsers and then installs unwanted programs into their PCs.

Most of the targeted victims of OpenSUpdater attacks are US-based users prone to downloading games.

The latest warning comes after Google advised its users about a security flaw in the browser that hackers could exploit on Monday.

While Google has maintained that it is working hard to protect users’ security, cyber experts say it’s time to leave Chrome behind.

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