LG Wing Unboxing..watch this phone..2 screens

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Turns out the swiveling LG Wing phone, which was leaked last week in a YouTube video, is real and as wacky as the rumors purported it to be. Unveiled at a virtual presser Monday, the 5G phone has two screens, one of which swivels on top of the other to form a T-shape design. In the US it will be available first on Verizon, then AT&T in the fall and T-Mobile.


















The phone is the first of LG’s Explorer Project, a company endeavor that aims to bring more experimental designs and form factors with LG phones. More phones are sure to come, however, as LG also teased an extendable phone with a pull-out display at the end of the presentation. It’s too early to tell if the LG Wing or even this Explorer Project will be successful. After all, for all the criticism the phone industry receives for shunning innovation, people are more than happy to keep buying the same rectangular slab every two years or more, as long as there are minor improvements.


watch this video

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