Privacy-browser focused Brave browser grew over 140% in the past year…bye bye google

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by leon jordaan, cairns, queensland 3 november 2020

Brave Browser, the privacy-focused web browser, announced today that it grew in usage by over 130% in its first year of the release of its ‘Stable’ version.

On November 13th, 2019, Brave Browser released its first Stable version after it had already accumulated 8.7 million monthly active users (MAU) and 3 million daily active users (DAU) during its Beta period.

Over the past year, Brave Browser saw an incredible 130% growth to reach 20.5 million monthly active users (MAU) and 8.7 daily active users (DAU) as of November 2020.










While Google Chrome still owns 69% of the browser market share, other browsers such as Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft Edge are slowly chipping away at Chrome’s share as they introduce new features or increased privacy.

Brave attributes its growth to end user’s increasing frustration with the lack of privacy seen in more established browsers and a new advertising ecosystem that allows users to take control of how they browse the web.

“Users are fed up with surveillance capitalism, and 20 million people have switched to Brave for an entirely new Web ecosystem with an opt-in ad economy that puts them back in control of their browsing experience,” said Brendan Eich, CEO, and co-founder of Brave. “The global privacy movement is gaining traction, and this milestone is just one more step in our journey to make privacy-by-default a standard for all Web users.”

Brave has also seen a 3.2x growth in verified sites in its ‘creators’ program that allows publishers to earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency tokens as tips from visitors who frequent their sites. The total number of verified creators grew from 300,000 to 972,000 since last year.

In full disclosure, BleepingComputer is part of this program.

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