Ring’s new security camera is a drone, will fly around your house

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written by leon jordaan, 29, september 2020 at http://computerscairns.com.au

Ring’s new Always Home Cam is an autonomous drone that will fly inside of your house, in the case that someone breaks into it.

Ring has unveiled its new Always Home Cam, a new autonomous drone that will lift up from its dock and fly around your house in case someone breaks in — recording it all on-the-fly. Check it out:

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The new Always Home Cam can be remotely enabled, and fly around your house when you’re out and about — and once it’s done it will fly back and float down into its dock to recharge.

Ring will be selling its new Always Home Cam for $249, and will ship it next year. It all seems like it’s out of an episode of Black Mirror, with Ring founder and “chief inventor” Jamie Siminoff explaining that the company spent 2 years developing the Always Home Cam saying that it was an “obvious product that was very hard to build”.

There is some good privacy here from Ring, as the new Always Home Cam will have its camera completely disabled when it’s in the dock. The camera on the drone has its view completely blocked, so it will only record video when it’s in flight.

The new Always Home Cam isn’t just for when someone breaks into your house, you might have wondered if you left the back door open, your TV on, or your oven on — you can quickly go to your app and fly your drone around to check.

Pretty nifty, actually.

Ring’s new Always Home Cam launches next year for $249.

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