told ya! is bad…cos this world is not perfect…

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by leon jordaan


no i dont use any cloud..not apple or google or microsoft.

my data is mine only…all of it!..i will back it up myself and keep it myself.

all cloud platforms have been hacked…and edward snowden said that NSA has access to it, and all platform providers, then add AI who will scan everything…SOUNDS GREAT!

no GOV is not my friend or yours

after ww1 and ww2 everyone said it should never happen again..haha…it did and will again…and when it does online cloud data could be lost for good or for a long time!

i feel and heard a big IT event is coming

anyway yall see the news this week?

keep using that cloud though…or contact me…as far as i know im the only IT guy not peddling cloud, but removing people from it

other IT people send people to me to remove them from the cloud…says something!

why because its complicated, and you the user must understand how it will impact your IT routine/ way of doing things

the future is already here

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