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We understand network technology and the need to make it simple and easy to use. We can help you setup and configure all the devices you need to make your life easier. Whether it is a smart phone, a computer, a television or a wireless network. We know how!

Computer Repairs

We fix computers. We can remove viruses and malware. We fix keyboards screens and all computer parts. We can install and configure software. We can repair and upgrade computers. We can backup and restore data. We can recover lost data.

Coaching & Mentoring

We can teach you how to use your phone, tablet or laptop computer. We can help you build a web site. We can assist you with document editing, creating spreadsheets, making presentations and working with databases. What ever you need to feel proficient at. To learn how to use? Ask us.

We love what we do. We are great at helping...

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looking for IT subcontractor work

always open for more work, like subcontractor work.   Yes well we do all IT work, we already do work for a few places. customer service and speed of completion is key, and that is what computerscairns.com.au does best. we do all of cairns and as far as you would want. contact us today.

Cairns computer support IT services and service areas

IT support services and cairns what does ACS or computerscairns.com.au do in cairns and what areas ? well we came here for the easy life, meaning the lifestyle and nature and people. Written by leon jordaan 35 pease street manoora cairns queensland.           so i chose this place to come and […]

This AI-Powered Cat Door Is A Brilliant Way To Keep A Kitty’s Murder Presents Outside

written by leon jordaan computerscairns.com.au 35 pease str manunda cairns qld What do you do if your cat often gets in a murdery mood and tries to bring dead, blood-dripping varmints into your house? Well, if you’re engineer Ben Hamm, you create an AI-powered cat door to lock out the furry boy when he tries […]

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Super helpful and always got the job done in a timely and efficient manner. I have always been treated as a valued customer.

David Elms

I have used All Computer Support a Number of times during my 7 years in Cairns. They were very professional in their approach and always took the time to explain the problem and solution.

William Skyner

Leon knows his business and is a guy that you can trust and cannot do enough for you and i find that so reassuring in a service industry.

Peter Thimios