Cairns Home Computer Specialists

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We have a large client base of home users.

If you work, it can be difficult to get your computer fixed at a convenient time.  So we try and have flexible enough hours so that you can drop your computer in before work and pick it up on the way home.  We are open form 7am until 6pm. Monday to Friday and also open in the weekends by appointment.  That means just take our number and give us a call and we will make a time for you to drop it in or we can arrange for someone to pop over to you and pick it up.

Computers can be a mixed bag with many of the same symptoms for a wide variety of problems.  Sometimes something that looks bad can be a very simple thing to fix so we have provided some help topics to guide you though, if you would like to try some DIY.  If you have any problems or get stuck feel free to give us a call and someone may be able to talk you through.  Further to that it may be that we can fix it over the internet so you don’t even need to leave your house. Either way if you have any problems just give us a call.


Fixing Viruses.

Dealing with internet providers and modems.

Internet Issues.

Hardware Replacement.

Speed issues.

Software Upgrades.

Data Protection. Keeping your Data Safe.

General computer maintenance and plans.

Tutoring and general help and advice.

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